Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Tory and The Wingnuterer Join

Another busy day for This time we welcome Red Tory and The Wingnuterer.

It's been busy over at and we wish we knew how the heck you can take a plain old picture and write an HTML code for it to show on an aggregator. Jeebus what a pain in the backside.


Scott Tribe said...

James: your 1 Liberals Online logo is actually linking to the Liberal Party of Canada website. I'm not sure that was intended, but if it was.. you should be using the actual Liberal Party logo to link there.. not your own aggregate name.

James Curran said...

Thanks. Fixed (I think).

Aurelia said...

I like the new logo. There must be someone out there who can do you guys up an overall design now and perhaps fiddle with the html.

I'll ask around, but most of the ones I know do mastheads and such for payment. Usually pretty cheap, but still not free.