Monday, January 19, 2009

I Stand With the Pope

Since I am a Roman Catholic, I guess it's only right.

Who gets to rebuild Gaza now? Where will the contractors come from? Who gets to pay for it?


penlan said...


James, I like the "badge" on the far left. Flag with maple leaf.

roblaw said...

James - the tragedy of the conflict in Gaza is truly horrific, but with Hamas vowing to re-arm, influential clerics in Iran calling on the acquisition of nuclear weapons to remove the "appendix" of Israel - are we putting band-aids on severed limbs?

How do we truly establish a lasting peace where religious tollerance is a one-way street in so much of the Islamic world right now?

I truly would love a world where my grandchildren don't live under the spectre of 9-11.. but I have a fear that we're whistling through the graveyard.

James Curran said...

Hi Rob.

Solutions are not to be had in the very near future. The "Holy Land" has been under siege by one group or another for entire centuries.

If Hamas wants rockets, they'll find a way to get them. If Israel wants to fire on Gaza, they'll find a reason (and there's many) to do so.

What efforts were made by either side to sit at the same table during the last ceasefire? What efforts will be made now during this ceasefire?

The point is when you oppress the people or starve a people, sooner or later they will oppose or fight back.

I fear more new generations of Palestinians will detest the thought of peace with Israel after the near 9000 victims of this recent military action.

Peace is impossible when the parties to the peace can not sit eye-to-eye. That's the reality we have to deal with in our lifetime.