Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tories Have Appointed Over 500 Cronies This Year Alone

Never mind the 18 Senate positions.


wilson said...

''a large number of vacancies have opened up in three-year-term positions filled by the former Liberal government.
In 2005, the last full year Paul Martin was prime minister,
the government filled 634 jobs.''

These are jobs James. There are 3500 such 'term' jobs on government boards (such as EI) that have to be refilled on a regular basis.

James Curran said...

Make qualified
government appointments
The Liberals have repeatedly appointed insiders, in some cases completely unqualified,
to important public offices. Liberal candidates and MPs have received appointments as heads
of Crown corporations, board members, and ambassadors. Liberal staffers, including some of
those responsible for the sponsorship program, have worked their way into key positions in the
public service.

-Stephen Harper 2006

rockfish said...

I'd like to see a story on whom the CONs are appointing -- qualifications most definitely. The weight of partisan requirements would also be helpful. Certainly the majority will fall under that but are we talking 60-70% or 80-90%?
Having been out of government for so long, no doubt Harper feels there's a lot of catching up to do.

penlan said...

Is there a list of these appointees anywhere so that we can look at it?

RuralSandi said...

Wilson - it's about what Harper said he would never do. It's about his constant lies and sheep like you trying to constantly defend him - so sad on your part.

Fiscaly conservative through tough economic times? Please.

Whatever appointments were made before "during economic GOOD times" have nothing to do with it. It's about Harper's promises and views and again he lies.

I'm beginning to think Harper is a compulsive liar, along with his paranoia and immaturity.

Don't to so naive Wilson and stop making excuses for him - because there are none.

James Curran said...

Here's a list from just Indian Affairs.

James Curran said...

Here's a couple more.

penlan said...

Thanks for those James.

Socially Active said...

Harper thinks Canada is far too liberal and wants to twist Canada into what he calls conservative. What really wants is to turn Canada into a Fascists country. Unfortunately hard times make people more willing to except temporary injustice. The problem is once justice and the freedom it brings is lots it not always possible to get back.

To insure that is the case Harper is staking the Senate
and Government agencies.

I also notice the prorogue has given the Conservatives power to make tax changes without passing the bill that was destined to be a non-confidence vote.

Is there any limits on Harper's power during a prorogue?

Jay said...

Shut up Wilson. It was you just a few months ago that was bitching about liberal appointed this or that with accusations being false yet you show no qualms about carrying Harpers water when he actually appoints 500 people in one swoop.

You are not only a complete idiot but a liar and a troll. You should be strung up by the finger nails for the damage you are doing to our political discourse.

Just fuck off people are tired of the predictable delusional rantings of a bitter old nostalgic cunt.

MississaugaPeter said...


On October 10, 2008, in the middle of an election, Harper, with even less elected MPs: "$25B credit backstop for banks"

Why would you expect Harper not to spend money and do as he sits fit when Parliament is prorogued?

Did you not get the memo that Chavez replaced Mulroney as Harper's special adviser?

roblaw said... all he bloggers out there that I've come across, the only blogger with true honesty has been a Liberal, Daveberta.. who, in criticizing Harper's proposed Senate appointments, is also quick to acknowledge the past history of Liberal malfeasance of the same ilk under Trudeau and Chretien.. for verification, feel free to contact John Turner..

There is no question that, as Conservatives, we (and I'm talking about those who support that party, not those in government) were supposed to be better.. we were supposed to rise up from the swine of Adscam and the stench of brown envelopes..

It is, truly, a sad time. However, it is not a time for any partisan pride either for those who cricize Harper.. there are swine out there in each party, and we are electing them.

C.Newton said...

"It is, truly, a sad time. However, it is not a time for any partisan pride either for those who cricize Harper.. there are swine out there in each party, and we are electing them."

Well said.