Tuesday, December 30, 2008

No Right or Wrong Answers for the Mid East Crisis?

For those that know me, they've often heard me say that there are a few topics to stay away from if you're a politician. Religion. Abortion. Israel. No nos in my books and to be avoided when possible because you'll always offend 50% of those listening to your answer. But, when you are a leader of a political party - or running to be one - you're expected to make statements regarding such conflictory subjects.

My question is this: which statement is correct? This one? Or, this one? 28 vs. 320. My guess is neither. There is no right or wrong answer. There is only loss. Loss begetting more loss.

Mahatma Gandhi used the phrase "An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind". Peace. Peace is the answer.


penlan said...

Well this time it appears that it's all out war. I realize that what Hamas is doing is wrong too but the intensity & ferocity of the Israeli bombings, the no. of Palestinian deaths, mostly civilians, is beyond the pale - big time.

I agree with you James - Peace is best, for the entire world, but it is not reality unfortunately.

Lilian said...

Peace is not reality yet. When you look at the wars of the 20th century--72 million deaths in WW II (twice canada gone in 6 years), and worse proportionately for WW I, there is some large improvement. There are many things that were not reality in human history at one time but are now. It wasn't that long ago (a few hundred years) that people just defecated behind the curtains and returned to the banquet table (in polite society). Now toilets are de rigeur. If we can change that "natural" habit, why not the impulse for war?