Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Poll...If Stephane has to Go...

and an interim leader has to be chosen...who should it be?

My choice? Ken Dryden.


Northern PoV said...

I voted other. Why?

I do not trust Harper. I do not trust M. Jean.

As a former Dionista and current Rae-leaning member, I call for a PERMANENT leader to be chosen before Jan 26.

Either organize a phone/internet vote, riding level voting OR just let the caucus pick. We cannot wait.

even if it means Iggy gets it ...
cause given the immature state of public opinion and media bias I fear for the future of both my party and country

Dr.Dawg said...

Dryden? The fellow who supports war crimes?


James Curran said...

Iggy, the fellow that supports....???

Eugene Forsey Liberal said...

I don't accept your premise so I won't vote. If I did, I'd agree with you & say Dryden. Byword for honesty & decency & everyone likes him. The one guy francophones will forgive his efforts in French. Hard to paint Dryden as a traitor. Then again, Liberals have colluded in taking a guy who is recognised as sharing those same qualities, Captain Canada, out at the knees for two years, so anything's possible.

PS. Reflecting on all that has happened, how francophones have been so much more understanding of anglos' bad french in general and so much more appreciative of their "national heroes" (compare PQ's treatment of Landry to that of Dion by PLC), and all the shit QC is getting from bigots again, I have to say I have never felt more proud to be a Quebecker than now and sadly, having fought for federalism my whole life in very difficult conditions, how much I feel like saying FU to the LPC & Canada if the Pablos of this world win out. It's a mostly emotional reaction but as I've noted before, if this is how English Canada & the LPC treats St├ęphane Dion, then why should any of us put up with the crap we have to put up with here to fight for Canada while condescending unilingual twerps in suburban Ontario tell us what to do and just to accept that we're pawns in their power games? Frenchies are well & good, but in their time & place, clearly. Dion & other Frenchies shouldn't dare try to rise above their station. National unity crisis? Frenchies, we need you! Oh, it's over. OK, back to your corner, we'll call you if we need you (how could such silly folk ever think of being PM? I mean, it's not like they've hardly lived in the country & never run anything in their lives. They've only been MPs for 12 years, Ministers for 10, etc.. What kind of CV is that?)

This whole thing just makes me sick.

RuralSandi said...

Any one of them neutral?

I have a problem with this coalition thing and I wasn't going to say anything, but what the hell - you know those CPC trolls and all.

Layton bothers me - he wins in this one, but I'm really concerned about Mulcair. In a scrum a couple of days ago a reporter asked about the public funding issue - Mulcair brought up sponsorship and it was a measure to clean up political funding. I thought Chretien brought this in to get corporations and unions out of it and it was an effort to make a more even playing field.

So, Mulcair has his own plans I think and I'm not comfortable with it at all. Why did he have the need to bring up sponsorship while talking about a coaltion? Doesn't feel right.

Anonymous said...

There shouldn't be an "interim" leader.

Choose a leader already. There may well be an election prior to May and the economy is in horrid shape and growing worse.

Liberals need to find a way to get a consensus now and move forward.

Stop talking about re-inventing the party and start acting on it.

Start with establishing a new leader prior to Jan 26. Do it now!

The country doesn't operate on the Liberal's time-frame, sadly, so I think the Liberals need to start acting on the nation's time-frame and responding to the needs of the day.

There HAS to be a way to find a consensus party choice between now and Jan 15.

James Curran said...

As far as I know, Martha, Ken, Gerard, Justin, Carolyn are all remaining neutral.

As for you Joseph, if there is an election between now and December 31, 2009, we'll get our ass handed to us on a platter, regardless of who the leader is.

Our only chance at power was the coalition. Iggy doesn't believe in it, so the only person that could lead us successfully in said situation is a guy that has experience in a coalition government that led to him obtaining a majority government shortly thereafter.

RuralSandi said...

I thought Justin was behind LeBlanc? I know Carolyn was behind Rae in the last race.

Wouldn't an interim leader seem a little unstable - few months then the leadership final?

What a flipping mess.

James Curran said...

Again, if we go to an election, we're dead regardless of who the leader is - interim or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I cannot believe you said that. You honestly think there is no way the Liberals could win an election in the next year.


But if that were the prevailing attitude, then reality will certainly confirm it.

I for one have more faith in the ability of Liberals to promote strong social values and sensible economic policies to the voters and to reclaim Canada's respect in the world.

You really should re-evaluate that stance.

I certainly won't be looking to your judgments on anything else, given the utterly foolish belief you just expressed.

Anonymous said...

James, you really set me off with those comments. I'm trying to cool down now, but I'm furious. If that is your attitude, I'm not even sure what you're doing here. I was afraid to comment on anything else here, but I did post this on another blog. I think you should read it (I apologize if it's harsh). But it is how I feel about what you've said today:

Well, James Curran just informed everyone Liberals were dead until the end of 2009 anyway.

And here I thought Liberals had faith in their values and believed in their ability to speak to and for the Canadian people.

His comments are about the most disgusting and stupid I've seen from a Liberal blogger.

I guess I'll take up another interest, send Harper a big smiley face card with a note saying go for it (whatever he dreams up, being such a "visionary" sort), and then just start some neighborhood chats to "talk up the party" for when their ready to debut again, ignoring whatever crap is piling up from Harper in the meantime.

Strength, Speed, Innovation. Coming in 2010. Nice motto! It'll be just in time for the Olympics too.

I've read a lot of things that rile me up on these boards (and BTs when I venture over). But that one may top the list.

STRONG WORD OF CAUTION HERE! And be honest! If the real reason those of you advocating a "slow and steady" leadership race is because your candidate needs "more time" then your priorities are really screwed up. You need to take a look at the reality of what is going on in this nation and see what is needed NOW. Not next May, now.

I'm not advocating anyone, but I see some very strategic shading going on here that has nothing to do with what is needed by both the party but by Canada.

Wake up, People! The liberals need a leader now, not a placeholder. the stakes are too high.

James Curran said...

Give you head a shake and get off your horse dude. You think we win a February election with a new leader? You're really not dealing in reality now are you?

Blues Clair said...

Marlene Jennings is my choice. Watched her in QP sometime last year, she is ferocious, and witty. I've always been impressed with her. Also I agree with James, Harper is polling higher right now than at any point in his Governments time office. Obviously the polls are volatile... but still, one party has the advantage financial and otherwise, and that clearly ain't the Grits right now. But Joseph, I always read and enjoy your comments, maybe I am wrong.

sjw said...

I was wondering who else voted for MJ as she was my choice as well. Clear, concise, never shies away from any issue, presents very well during television interviews and speaks easily off the cuff. If an interim leader were the way (I don't think it is) to go, then I think Marlene would be an excellent choice. Who was the one person who voted for David McGuinty? Jesus. I don't even want to imagine that particular arrangement.

wilson said...

''The next morning at caucus, Mr. Dion briefed MPs on the substance of the deal that had been negotiated with the other opposition parties
by Liberals Ralph Goodale
and Marlene Jennings.''

Anonymous said...

James, I just wanted to apologize. I was really angry by your comment.

But I know you care tremendously about the Liberal party and Canada.

I understand the need to rebuild the party. I really do. We just disagree on the necessity to be ready to fight an election prior to the Liberals having the optimum conditions.

I don't think there is such a thing, and the needs of nation are piling up - much beyond the things that are in the headlines now.

I don't want to see Canada waste another year being divided and falling behind. We all deserve better than that, and I know we both agree on that.

Have a good day.

Sinestra said...


What a choice! As someone who counts both KD and MJ among my friends, it's a tough call. Given the fact that I strongly supported Ken for leadership last time, my vote was for him. Good post!

lyrical said...

There is a good comment posted on John Manley's G&M opinion article, from Dec. 6th, about the need to replace St├ęphane Dion sooner rather than later.

S.K. said...

We've lost the female and the non white vote. It needs to be Marlene, and she would make an excellent leader, anytime.

But it won't be, which is one of many reasons I am seriously thinking about not voting liberal again, maybe ever. I'm not even sure if the Liberal Party should exist anymore, given their behaviour this week.