Friday, December 19, 2008

MSM Journalist Finally Finds Iggy's Book

And so it begins. Questions get to be asked. It doesn't have the same effect as a leadership contest may have taken, but the questions would have been the same.

And what about that carbon tax thing? Bryden failed to ask about it. The answer would have probably been the same though...the nation has no appetite for it right now.

Trial by fire has never ingratiated itself with Canadians, so I hope that whatever platform the Liberal Party of Canada finally decides to go with, it is a broadly consulted document with meaningful, perhaps even popular, original thoughts. With any luck it would be a wee bit better than this one.


Francesco said...

Mr curran,

Why don't you link to positive write-ups by the editorial writers on Ignatieff. Secondly, James, this week two events were held by the Liberal Part of Canada, a laurier event and Michael's christmas party. Both events were packed, not a few people but tons of liberals. Now lets compare this to when our prior liberal leader was attending laurier events - the numbers were anemic absolutely anemic. You can throw as many stones as you want mr curran, but all the stones represent are sour grapes...also have you taken a look a the harris decima poll, released earlier this week which shows an overwhelming number of canadians and liberals as quite content with mr ignatieff as leader of the liberal party!!!!

James Curran said...

Dear Francesco,

How many times do I have to tell you? Get your own blog and stay off mine. I seem to remember you promising never to return. So now you're a guy not telling the truth.

You seem to think I write the news. I don't.

For a guy who wants unity, you're ok with knocking the former leader. Hypocrite!

Do you really want to talk about how many Laurier members DIDN'T show up at the Toronto event? I was there. I could probably guess if you like. If it was such an overwhelming success, the media would have secret Liberal sourced it already into the MSM.

Now, Bob's event the same night grew a very handsome crowd. Very. But you weren't there, so you wouldn't know that.

As for the polls? Is there anything to be discontent about as of yet?

Don't bother answering. I prefer you keep your disdain for all other Liberals but Michael to yourself.