Monday, December 1, 2008

Dionistas and the March on Stornoway Revisited

To all the hundreds of you that encouraged us to March on Stornoway in October to encourage Stephane Dion to stay on as leader, I say "THANK YOU!!!"

Like the man says: Stronger Together


wilson said...

This coalition pretty much guarantees Bob Rae the leadership.
That's gotta make you happy too.

Bob doesn't have to face an Ontario electorate, he can go straight to coalition PM
and then run as an encumbant PM.

The Mound of Sound said...

James, you took genuine exception when I first called your group "Dionistas" and yet now you wear it as a badge of honour. Wear it with pride - and a tad of humility.

Ignore Wilson and his/her agitprop.

Country before Party said...

I agree with you fully. Bob Rae is going to make an excellent Prime Minister. He is the only one that has the experience and leadership in working in a coalition government. He brought down Joe Clark's government in 1979. He even formed a coalition with David Peterson in 1985. Time and time again, he has proven to be a great STATESMAN. Even now he is proving his leadership and experience working with Mr. Dion in the current coalition formation. Bob has always put the Canadian people first and Canadian values. GO BOB GO!!!

Beijing York said...

I'm just glad that wiser minds prevailed and agreed that Dion should be the Leader of the Coalition. The man deserves it and he will be noted for being key to bring this coalition together.

I look forward to seeing Dion vindicated and praised in the months to come.

JCKelan said...

From the preamble of the Accord:

"a belief in the role of Government to act as a partner with Canadians and Quebecers."

You have already partitioned the country! This is the first government ever to have agreed to such a thing. Woe, Canada!

This is treasonous behaviour. Shame, shame, shame. Liberals will regret the day that they undermined our country for the sake of power.

JC Kelan

MississaugaPeter said...
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MississaugaPeter said...

Is there any chance that leadership discussion/loyalties be put on pause for a moment? We have a country to get back on track.

James Curran said...

Nope. There is still a leadership, and now, more than ever, the stakes are very high for the winner.

RuralSandi said...

Question - the CONservatives keep saying the BLOC hold the balance of power - don't the CPC (by virtue of their numbers in the House) hold the balance of power technically?

The BLOC are not part of the coalition - they've just agreed to support the coalition - right?

James Curran said...

Well the numbers don't favour anyone. One cold say the Dippers 37 seats hold the balance of power too I guess. The Bloc can topple anone at any time. It's been that way since their first term in office. While they will not form part of the government, their agreement with it is for a minimum of one year. Piss them off and this gov't could fall simply by them abstaining or voting with the CONs.