Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Conservatives Begin the Bloodletting

Buon GIORNO Guy. Who really believes that he talked Stephen Harper into this brutal non-economic statement? Anyone? Anyone?


RuralSandi said...

And, there lies one of Harper's problems - he is not man enough to take responsibily to anything he's done that hasn't worked out.

He's blamed the Liberals, bureaucrats, his underlings - anyone and everyone but himself.

He's not mature enough to be PM.

And, who on earth would be stupid enough to think that he didn't make the final decisions.

sassy said...

Harper is supposed to be the top guy. If he can't take responsibility for the actions of his party, then he is NOT A LEADER.

p.s. Since when could anyone ever talk Harper into doing anything he does not want to do, right or wrong.

Mark Francis said...

I have noted that even before the economic statement came out, that team Harper seemed to be issuing contradictory messages. Internally, I really think the Cons are in disarray over not gaining a majority government while having to also deal with an economic situation their ideology can't deal with.