Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And On and On it Goes. Hamas Shells Israeli Nursery

Video attached here. No end in sight.


Anonymous said...

James, are you trying to make amends with JC, Warren and other of the pro-Israel coterie?
Hamas shells Israeli Nursery? You make it sound like it was targeted...

These are rockets that are notorious imprecise...

One rocket hit an empty kindergarten and another landed in open space. There were no reports of casualties from the strikes.

What's "newish" is the distance they are striking...

James Curran said...

How many times to I have to say this. Shelling civilian targets is NOT an option in my books.

Let me make my viewpoint clear.

I support the existance of the State of Israel and I support its solemn right to defend itself.

I DO NOT condone or support the terrorist group known as Hamas, nor do I support or recognize the duly elected Hamas government within Gaza.

I DO NOT support the shelling, starvation or inhumane acts that either side employs upon each other that endangers and/or kills innocent victims and the respective civilian populations of Israel and Gaza.

I DO NOT support the Israeli bombing of civilian targets causing deaths to innocent children.

I DO NOT support the rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas that target indiscriminant targets that kill civilians.

I DO NOT support the starvation of 1.5 million people that are now intermed in a land called Gaza. It has virtually become the largest prison/ghetto in the world. What is it called when people are being bombed and cannot flee the area that is being bombed? Is there a name for that?

I hope I have made myself clear.

The Mound of Sound said...

I think Cherniak_WTF is right James. These primitive, unguided rockets are anything but precise. The only thing the militants firing them know they'll hit is something outside Gaza. That's why (according to McClatchey Newspapers) these rockets have claimed only seven lives in two years. So to claim that they're "shelling nurseries" is a bit of a stretch.

James Curran said...

While I may agree with both of you that Hamas did not target a nursery, the point is that I don't condone their attacks period. It just happened to be dumb luck they hit that school and it, naturally, eliminated all chance for a ceasefire.

Mound I kinda liked your suggestion of a UN force circa 1967 only with modern-day stuff. Perhaps you can share that with my four other readers here.

Peace my friends. Peace is what we are searching for.

Anonymous said...

James, you have made yourself clear.

What is it called when people are being bombed and cannot flee the area that is being bombed? Is there a name for that?
I'm sure that Warren or Jason can find a name for that - just don't call it genocide...

Anonymous said...

It just happened to be dumb luck they hit that school and it, naturally, eliminated all chance for a ceasefire.
I don't think that Israel was looking for a ceasefire - not at the moment .
And yes, dumb luck it was.

Robert McClelland said...

You make it sound like it was targeted...

Does it matter? The point of firing these rockets is after all to hit something and kill people. Whether or not the nursery was intentionally targeted is irrelevant to the fact that it was hit and could have easily resulted in the deaths of numerous children.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, James, I believe it's time the international community forced a two-state settlement on both Israel and the Palestinians. Back to the '67 borders, all 430,000 illegal settlers in the West Bank out, a demilitarized buffer zone within the Israeli border manned by international peacekeepers with a mandate to shoot to kill any intruders - Israeli or Arab. A minimum, 2-3 generation committment to enforce that separation to allow peace to take hold in both countries.

What we've learned today via the Washington Post only reinforces the need for an imposed settlement. WaPo reports that the Gaza mission was prompted by the political aspirations of two key Israelis, Barak and Livni, who are running for the president's job in February and by the outgoing Olmert who wants to erase the stain on his rep he earned by the bungled invasion of Lebanon. In other words this isn't really about Hamas or their ineffective rockets. It's Israeli electoral politics by three chumps who are willing to set the volatile Arab Street afire for the sake of their personal ambitions.

Shocking as that may sound it's the only plausible explanation yet for an entirely implausible military adventure that can only consolidate support for Hamas.

With Israeli leadership like these three, it's time the international community stepped in and imposed a two-state solution.

ml johnstone said...

There were no casualties, fortunately.
I have been visiting Israel today.Through the newspapers.
Gideon Levy at has a title: The IAF, Bullies of the Clear Blue Skies.
Some Israeli commentors say:"It's not a war, it;s a POLITICAL STUNT."
Another columnist says this retaliation is about "ballots not bullets".
Good to know that not all Jews think alike.
They have hawks and doves too.
I also learned in my travels to the Mid East in cyberspace, a new word:
I signed up with Jews for Peace.
Liberals and Ignatieff say: Blah, Blah, Blah.
Pinter repeats: "Come and see the blood in our streets.Come and see the blood in our streets."

Anonymous said...

The destruction of government buildings continues today - wonder what purpose that serves... maybe Israel is hoping to create another generation that will hate them...