Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ignatieff Pulls a Stephen Harper

What is the logic for denying media access? Is he not ready? or is it because the Conservatives used his "we didn't get it done" as an attack ad last time?

I'll be at the debate.I'll let you know the real answer.


RuralSandi said...

Check out Kady O'Mally and Paul Wells' blog on this.

ottlib said...


This is why I washed my hand of the Liberal Party and this leadership race a few weeks ago.

The race has barely started and it has already degenerated into negativity.

This race is going to end and then the new leader is going to have to unite Liberals to fight Stephen Harper. That task will be very difficult and time consuming if this race continues on its current course.

It will be weeks and possibly months before the "anonymous sources" in the other camps stop yapping and we all know that our MSM, which has not done any favours for the Liberals in years, will be hanging on every word.

It will be in that atmosphere that Stephen Harper will call the next election and he will win, possibly win big. (Depending on where the economy is at the time).

I firmly believe that the Liberals have come down with a fatal case of the political stupids and evidence is mounting to prove I am right.