Sunday, November 16, 2008

He's Right. He's no Obama.

And he's no Trudeau either.


Don said...

So Iggy is afraid of speaking on the record at the debate in Mississauga. What is he afraid of saying in the debate “on the record”?

Everyone that I talk to agrees that the party needs to open up. What a great way to do by holding debates behind closed doors!

When Harper did this we called it a Harpocracy. Why take a page out of Harper’s playbook? That’s not the kind of Party I want.

Antonio said...

Is it bad for me to say Michael Ignatieff is alot like Michael Ignatieff.

The comparison game is silly.

also, as I noted on my blog, MacPherson actually writes Bob Rae hasnt entered the race yet...

RuralSandi said...

I find this comparison to other leaders silly. The reason Trudeau, Reagan, JFK and other leaders that are either hated or loved is that they were "one of a kind" - unique.

There can only be one of them. McCain tried to use Reagan - and he certainly isn't another Reagan.

What we need is one of a kind - not a clone.