Saturday, November 15, 2008

Conservatives adopt Policy to Reopen Abortion Debate

You knew it was coming. You had to know it was coming.


Reid said...

I didn't realize the punching a pregnant woman in the gut was an acceptable form of abortion.

You've certainly opened my eyes.

ottlib said...


If you can guarantee that this resolution and the proposed law is not just a back door way to recriminalize abortion then it might have some merit.

However, if that is not the case then why don't Conservatives just have the courage of their convictions and say straight out that they want to recriminalize abortion.

Then let Canadians decide.

I think we both know the answer so your snide remark is just alot of crap.

Reid said...


There's no crap in my comment. If you read the policy it's about killing or injuring a fetus in the COMMISSION OF A CRIME. The fact that you Libs can't let go of the "hidden agenda" line is your problem. No where, repeat: no where, is there any policy that the Conservatives will reopen the abortion issue, or even put limitations (like on late term abortions). Get a grip on reality.

sassy said...

..... punching a pregnant woman in the gut was an acceptable form of abortion

Sounds like crap to me.

fern hill said...

Here we go again. Birth Pangs has been on this for months. Ken Epp's C-484, aka The Kicking Abortion's Ass Bill, rides again. Well, we're ready for them this time.

Birth Pangs's Activist Page:

Aurelia said...


I found Nicholson's take to be kind of compromise as it were, since he said that he would consider it an aggravating factor, but he would not go as far as the motion said.

So Con minister's won't do what delegates want, but they might do what Canadians want? ie. Keep abortion rights secure, but not allow criminals to harm pregnant women with impunity.

Might work? Dunno, but I'll be watching for the language and legal implications.

Whole thing is fucked up at this point since no one is actually checking to see what the current law is anyway...sigh...does anyone read bills in the HOC before they pass?

lyrical said...

There is so much emphasis on unborn children with these hypocrites, yet the ones who are already born are not properly looked after by their deadbeat government departments.

I don't believe I've heard the words 'child poverty' mentioned lately by the conservatives.

Skinny Dipper said...

I think the key words are "unborn child" rather than "fetus." A fetus belongs to a pregnant woman; the unborn child is the responsibility of the state. It's semantics which change the meaning of the status of the little ETs swimming inside women's bodies.

It reminds me of the last Ontario provincial election when the PC leader, John Tory, promised government funding for "faith-based schools." It sounded more palatable than "private-religious schools."

Gayle said...

"Keep abortion rights secure, but not allow criminals to harm pregnant women with impunity."

Do you think we currently allow criminals to harm pregnant women with impunity?

Any measure that seeks to make the pregnancy of the victim an aggravating factor is simply window dressing. It already IS an aggravating factor. Judges do not need politicians to tell them that.