Friday, November 7, 2008

The Answer to Kinsella's Question

Warren asks. I reply.

Firstly, as I blogged two weeks ago, Ray Heard is an asshole.

Secondly, no leader can control there minions from writing stupid shit. No leader.


James Bowie said...

1. *Thier minions. Not there minions.

2. Alexandre Trudeau was neutral.

3. The Apps op-ed was cogent, polite, and infinitely more thoughtfull than the crass drivel Ray Heard produces. Heard is badmouthing the Liberal Leader. Apps is not. I distinguish your comparison, counsellor.

James Curran said...

1. It's their, not their.

2. Stupid is stupid no matter how you shake it.

3.Telling alexandre and Justin what THEIR father's point of view would have been is stupid.

James Curran said...

1. It's their, not thier

RuralSandi said...

You know what I'm tired of? I'm tired of everyone believing we have to go back 40 years - we should be moving on.

Trudeau is gone now, and his sons should realize this is a new day.

It is not what Trudeau thinks anymore, he had his day, the right time for him.

Let's get over this Trudeau woulda, shoulda and that we have to stick to what his sons believe.

Enough already!

James Bowie said...

Thier Their Jim. There They're.

MississaugaPeter said...


You want to be sick. Visit Paul Wells.

Rules to insure someone like Dion does not become leader. Forget connecting with the grassroots. More like connecting with moneybags.

James Curran said...

Tell it to Apps Sandi.