Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And The Cadman Affair Goes On and On and On

Doesn't help the Conservatvies much when their lawyer withdraws. Sends a bad message really. Impolitical has much more on this.

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roblaw said...

You know.. we could, collectively, put an end to all the Cadman, Stronech, etc., b.s., by passing legislation that requires a bi-election in the event of withdrawal from a party mid-stream.

Without going down the road of the whole stupid debate, anyone who thinks that there aren't solid promises made of some sort when people cross the floor is naive in the extreme..

From my point of view, Mr. Harper, drop the lawsuit, and immediately seek tri-partisan (BQ doesn't count from my perspective as a party who has no concern for Canada as a whole) support for a bill to bar party-hopping completely. Problem solved.