Thursday, October 2, 2008

WTF! Steve Paikin for Prime Minister!

What in God's name is Steve Paikin doing interjecting his question, clarifications and opinions in this debate? This isn't an interview Steve. It's a debate! Stay out of it. The sixth candidate.


Greg said...

He's the moderator. It's his job to keep things under control and force people to answer when they're dodging.

That's just "journalism". It's rare to see it these days, but it still happens occasionally.

I didn't find any of his interjections offensive and I thought he did a balanced job.

James Curran said...

He interjected his bullshit statement about Ontario panning Dion's plan. Why didn't interject Suzuki praising it?

James Curran said...

You're right there though. He was supposed to be there as a moderator, but, my friend, not a journalist.

Greg said...

I suppose that's a matter of opinion. I missed the bit about Suzuki.

I want to see a moderator in a debate force a politician to answer the question. When he asked May if she thought private clinics would be allowed - as long as they took OHIP cards - she did not answer, so he asked again to force her to answer. I think that's his job and I want to see more of that.

burlivespipe said...

You didn't miss the Suzuki thing - James was being sarcastic/ironic.
I thought Paikin was fine, tho maybe a touch aggressive at those moments when someone said something close to a shot (he could have allowed the attacker to finish that thought instead of rushing in, for eg)... What i found amazing is how few if anyone has called Harper for completely ignoring two of the video questions, beginning with the first one. Instead of responding to the first man's question, he kicked off with a strategic attack of Dion's 30-day economic plan idea. 'Hey, I don't have a plan, but look - that plan is not a plan!'
Otherwise, I thought Harper did fine (besides all the lies), while Layton and Dion were close behind.

penlan said...

I had the same impression as you James. Paikin was too intrusive with his own opinions & I noticed, many times, when someone began to say something negative about Harper he would interupt & cut them off.

It's my opinion that he is Con biased.

RuralSandi said...

Funny you should bring that up. My husband said last night that Paikin seemed to have forgotten that this wasn't his show, The Agenda.

Normally, he's good - I thought he had trouble getting them to talk one at a time.

The moderator for the French debate kept them in line and did not interject anything.

penlan said...

Exactly RuralSandi! Paikin was supposed to be the MODERATOR which means unbiased & maintain fluency in the debate & not throw out his own opinions.

Your husband is right - this was not The Agenda - but it felt like it at times.