Monday, October 20, 2008

Today We Lost a Visionary Leader

Thank God he's staying on in the interim. It will hold the Conservatives to the minority they were elected to have rather than a defacto majority they would have under an interim leader.


Robert McClelland said...

Steve Janke raised an interesting point over on the Macleans blog. If an election is forced before the Liberals pick a new leader Dion will get his second chance.

James Curran said...

Really? Now why didn't I think of that. ;-)

Mark Francis said...

I thought of it. But it's unlikely, and with him resigning, he wouldn't be PM for long.

I don't think Harper being defeated soon is in the cards. Harper can get a majority with the cooperation of any one party, the Liberals are in transition (again) with no money, and the other parties I think want a rest.

Still, I'd rather have PM Dion than temporary PM McCallum.

Stephen said...

a defacto majority they would have under an interim leader

They had a de facto majority with Dion at the helm during the last session, when the flag of parliamentary surrender--red with a yellow stripe--was waved with vigour 43 times.

What's going to change?

Jason Hickman said...

God forbid (from my POV, not yours!) but I can't help thinking that Trudeau announced his retirement after '79, and look what happened...

Not that I think the same thing will happen now. Dion aint PET, and Harper aint Clark. But since I'm sure you didn't enjoy what happened to Dion post-election, I couldn't help leaving you with at least one pleasant thought :)

Anonymous said...

Dion's manner today suggests that he's not about to take any more crap from inside or outside the party. Who knows what will happen when he takes the gloves off.

Just sent off my contribution to the LPC war effort.

Skinny Dipper said...

Dion won't have any power. If he wants the Liberal MPs to defeat the Conservative budget, the leadership candidates will make sure that their supporting MPs will support the budget. There is no way they want to see Dion at the helm again.

s.b. said...

Skinny, if any Liberal MP's voted for a budget the leader is against they are automatically kicked out of caucus and aren't Liberals anymore. That means no election financing and no riding association. Can't happen.

The Liberals just guarenteed they won't win the next election and that Harper will have his majority.

It's insanity to keep forcing out leaders after one election. After the next loss, will there be another leaderhip contest and another and another. The vote on the left is split 4 ways. The best tactic to Win would have been to stop wasting time and money on leadership contests. It's political suicide in a minority parliament.

Oh well there will be a Conservative majority next time so Libs will have 4 years to back stab each other before an election.

Ted said...

"It's insanity to keep forcing out leaders after one election. After the next loss, will there be another leaderhip contest and another and another. The vote on the left is split 4 ways. The best tactic to Win would have been to stop wasting time and money on leadership contests. It's political suicide in a minority parliament."

Sorry but hunh??? "Keep forcing"? When before this has a leader been booted after one election?

The "left split" is a fiction of the media. The conservative vote fragmented under Mulroney into Reform, PC, Bloc and Liberal, so in that case you could argue that there was a disunity that needed to be unified.

But there has been no split on the left like that. The NDP and the Liberal Party and the Bloc are very separate beasts. Try to "unite the left" and you are going to guarantee a Conservative majority for quite some time.

Canadians are neither left nor right, but moderate and centrist. Chretien realized that and drove the bus to the middle of the road. McGuinty recognized the same thing in Ontario and has two back to back majorities to show for it. Harper realized it too and has tried desperately to get people to forget Mr. Firewall. If he didn't have so much of his own personality and his own far-right baggage to carry around he probably would have pulled it off.

Uniting the left is not possible. And to try it in these uncertain economic times is to make Harper the next Mackenzie King, the longest serving PM in our history.

James Curran said...

Sorry but hunh??? "Keep forcing"? When before this has a leader been booted after one election?

-Exactly Ted. So why is it we felt the need to do it this time?

Ted said...

Do you really want the list, Jim? Is that going to make things feel better right now? It isn't just the electoral results.

James Curran said...

Really? So Pearson, Turner et. al. were much more worthy of a second chance than Dion? And none of them were stubborn?

Ted, your argument doesn't wash. And thousands agree with me.

Again, now that leadership is back on, it's good to see you back blogging.

James Curran said...

BTW. This argument over Dion is over as of this minute.

Time to look to leadership and where I will land on that.

Local Grit said...


Agreed. Dion has put party and country ahead of his own ambition (Paul Martin should have thought about that back in 2003....anyways) and now it is time to look at the choices we have.

Iggy is no for me. The Tories will do the same thing to him as was done to Dion. His whole learned professor persona comes off as arrogant and cold and he is a gaffe machine and has horrible Martinites running his campaign.

Rae is a maybe. I don't like his organizing over the past months, but he is a natural politician and with a minority government he is clearly ready to campaign at a moments notice. But he has a past that drags him down...

Manely....nope. No personality really, I would love to see him back in the Liberal front benches after being hounded away by the Martin gang for daring to say "no" to the 03 corrination, but I can't see him as leader.

McKenna...hmmm I doubt he will do it, and some of his postions on abortion and his Caryle group connections worry me, but I like winning and McKenna has always been a winner. I would have to take a long look at him.

Cauchon: I don't think a Quebecer has a chance this time.

Coderre: HA HA HA HA

Dryden: Perfect Resume. Just not a good politician. He won't run.

Dosanj: Maybe. I would like to learn more about him.

Dhalla: Too young, but she should run to increase her profile.

Brison: Has he ever said no to a leadership race?

Kennedy: I wonder if he will run, but minus his French that needs improving, he is young, loyal to the party, a true progressive, a westerner and impressed me last time. He would be my choice for now. And unlike Rae and Iggy, he told his leadership team to respect Dion and has not been organizing. So I like that too.

invitations said...

the other day on another blog there was a comment that I found interesting:
"There is definitely something about Mr. Dion that Harper fears. He wouldn't have spent tens of millions of dollars on attack ads if he hadn't been afraid of Mr. Dions leadership."
But why were Liberals so afraid of M. Dion's leadership that there was so much chatter to the media all through his leadership & so little support of him before and during the campaign?
And why was there such an unholy rush to have him turfed before the rank and file could be heard from?

leftdog said...

Virtual lemmings .... unbelievable!

From now until May, the Liberal Caucus will once again be in a virtual coalition government with the Conservatives. Abstaining from nearly every vote in order that another election does not occur. Harper will kill the Wheat Board, pass whatever idiotic budget he likes, start denting every meaningful social program in the nation ... and Liberals will whistle past the cemetary.

Be sure of this ... some of us will ensure that Canadians are kept abreast of what the lily livered Liberal Caucus is doing and more specifically NOT doing in Parliament.

Cheers :)

burlivespipe said...

Oh yeah, the NdP is just geared to have an election, after spending their biggest amount yet on a national campaign. If that's the way it turns out Lapdog, I guess Jack can sigh a big one, he's been let off the hook. Unless there's something totally odorous and the CONs show no willingness (again) to cooperate in a minority situation, I think there is no stomach from anyone to go back to the polls. But to ask that the GG give the power to someone else? Well, Jack and Gilles make up nearly 90 seats...