Monday, October 27, 2008

More Importantly...Who's NOT Running For Liberal Leadership

I know the rules and the venue and the date for leadership has yet to be determined, however, I'm the kind of guy that believes you should go to the front and improve your position. So, to that end, if you're running for leader, you should get off your @zz and let the rest of us know before some good people get stuck with a campaign they'll regret.

Here's my guess as to who is NOT running for the Liberal Leadership.

Stephane Dion - Correct

Gerard Kennedy Correct

Joe Volpe - Correct

Martha Hall Findlay - Correct

Ruby Dhalla

Ujjal Dosanjh - Correct

Maurizio Bevilacqua - Correct

Carolyn Bennett - Correct

Hedy Fry - Correct

Ralph Goodale - Correct

Denis Coderre - Correct

Scott Brison - Correct

Frank McKenna - Correct

Ken Dryden - Correct

Martin Cauchon - Correct

Warren Kinsella - Correct


Jonathan said...

I hope to god you're right about Volpe!

burlivespipe said...

I think 2 of those names will run. You could replace them with Trudeau and Keith Martin.

James Curran said...

Justin already proclaimed he's not running. Is Keith's recount over?

MississaugaPeter said...


That's what burlivespipe is stating: that you should ADD Justin Trudeau and Keith Martin to your list of those not running, and that 2 others on your list you should REMOVE because they will be running.

James Curran said...

But everyone already knows that. And, I am not Removing anyone from this list. Anyone on this list that DOES run, other than McKenna, is wasting their time and their money that they don't have.

roblaw said...

Speaking as a conservative who has voted Liberal in the past.. if you're looking for swing votes (not saying I would).. I'd suggest the continued existence of Kinsella and Cauchon is not a great thing.. though the inclusion of both of them is probably pretty safe nonetheless.

Warren K said...

I am too running!


roblaw said...

Were that true, Warrn K, our PM would be doing hand springs :)