Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dominic Leblanc It Is....

The young gun, Dominic Leblanc, neutral during the 2006 leadership race has become the first one to announce his intention to seek the Liberal Leadership. Leblanc brings the backing of Percy Downe and Tim Murphy for starters.

This tells me two things. 1. Frank McKenna is not running. 2. Warren Kinsella is not on this team (I've been wrong before).

Stay tuned for Bob Rae to announce today or tomorrow. I know. I know. Big surprise there.

One hint for anyone else seeking the leadership: Have your website up and running when you announce. Easier to get volunteers that way...and donors too!


RuralSandi said...

I didn't know much about him...and he's not just another pretty face (my girlfiriend thinks he's very handsome).

He's got "degrees" galore.

That's right CPC'rs - another smart, educated Liberal.


James Curran said...

He's very well connected in the corporate world. Irving Oil rings a bell.

Local Grit said...

I like Dom, but Tim Murphey? If the Martinite losers are big players in the campaign I am staying far, far away.

I pretty much think Marrison, Reid, Herle and company need to be taken out back and shot and never allowed near the party again.

James Curran said...

I wouldn't lump Marrisen into that group.

Ted said...

From warren's site:

"...I'm not showing my hand just yet. But, as I did with my friend Martin Cauchon last week, I draw to your attention to New Brunswick Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc.

Dom and I worked together for Jean Chretien, and his Dad - the remarkable and wonderful Romeo LeBlanc - is actually our daughter's godfather.

Dom is a smart and ambitious guy, and he's very funny. He's going to help make the race a lively one."

And in the comments: "Mr. LeBlanc is supported by the former chiefs of staff of Canada's last two Liberal prime ministers: Percy Downe, who headed Jean Chr├ętien's office and Paul Martin's top staffer, Tim Murphy."