Friday, September 19, 2008

Who Would Be the New Foreign Affairs Minister?

If his royal Highness Stephen Harper were to win back government who would win the position of Foreign Affairs Minister now that David (I can't win as a Conservative) Emerson is gone.

Here's a couple ideas:

Maxime Bernier (Again)
Peter MacKay (Who then takes his spot)
Bev Oda (she nees more limo time)
Josee Verner

How about these one:

Benoit, Leon
Bezan, James
Blaney, Steven
Boucher, Sylvie
Breitkreuz, Garry
Calkins, Blaine
Carrie, Colin
Grewal, Nina
Obhrai, Deepak
Pallister, Brian
Storseth, Brian
Warkentin, Chris


Saskboy said...

Chris was the last hoser to send a 10%er to me, arriving after the writ was dropped. And nobody would be better suited to the role than Yorkton/Melville MP Garry B.

RuralSandi said...

What's Rona doing these days....she doesn't seem to be very busy.

le politico said...

Easy one..Jim Prentice will be the FA minister in the next government.