Monday, September 29, 2008

Harper Turns His Back on Evangelicals

Today, when asked by the Quebec media if he was going to re-open the abortion debate, PM Harper was quick to say his government has no mandate to do so. OOOPS, there goes the reform/alliance fan base.

All this to try to regain momentum in Quebec. Talk about selling your soul!


Anonymous said...

That word-smithing on the part of Stephen Harper raises more questions than it answers.

So if he gets a majority, is that his mandate?

I'm sorry but the careful parsing of words is his message, not how he hopes they will be interpreted.

Jay said...

No mandate to tax income trusts either. That worked out well. This guy is a trustworthy as a used Wajid Khan.

sassy said...

Joseph has it right - word-smithing

wilson said...

No mandate? Please link to where PMSH said that.

What he did say was:

“We have a difficult world economy, as we all know. That has to be the focus of the government and I simply have no intention of ever making the abortion question a focus of my political career.”

Mr. Harper said that while some members of his caucus, as well as some Liberals, would like him to make abortion a priority, “I have not done that in my entire political career. Don't intend to start now.”

“I have been clear throughout my entire political career I don't intend to open the abortion issue,” he said. “I haven't in the past; I'm not going to in the future.”

James Curran said...

Listen Wilson, I'm getting a little bored with your paid political interuptions.

I can speak French. I know exactly what he said. Don't even bother talking out of both sides of his mouth. He's pissed his flock off and he's just lucky enough they're in Alberta and they DON'T speak French.

James Curran said...