Monday, September 29, 2008

Harper Loves Future "Elitists" and "Gala Attendees"!!!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was hoping to atone Monday for describing the denizens of Canadian arts and culture as government-subsidized elitists with nothing in common with ordinary Canadians

Looking at the Quebec numbers and feeling the wrath of Margaret Atwood, Stevie Harpercrite knew it was the end of his dream majority. So, with the lack of any platform -and no sign of one coming- he decided to make up some policy on the fly. Not unlike Martin's notwithstanding debacle, Harpercrite has stepped in it. What else will he change on the fly over the next two weeks?


Lizt. said...

Did Haper not say that they would support young children to go into the Arts ?. I think this was in Quebec

Beijing York said...

I'm hoping Canadians don't fall for this ruse.

He cut sustainable arts and culture programs that rewarded commercial success. Many of these programs were focused on strengthening cultural industries as opposed to programs that foster creative expression. The latter were left largely untouched as administered by the Canada Council for the Arts (although their future is probably precarious given that an investment banker was appointed to replace outgoing Karen Kain).

His actions were not only insulting but economically foolhardy. What's the point of credits against art, dance and music classes if there will be no creative industries left in Canada by the time Harper is through transforming our nation.

Harper may very well be able to tinkle on the piano. So can I after 8 years of piano lessons but it certainly doesn't make me a professional musician.