Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tonight, the greatest moment in American history may just have happened as Barack Obama took that stage in Denver, Colorado. Tonight, 45 years after Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" speech.

And what was one of Barack's key points in his speech? THE ENVIRONMENT. YES, THE ENVIRONMENT! Barack demands the end of American reliance on foreign oil and fossil fuels within a 10 year window.

How does that bode for Stephane Dion? Well simple really, we will finally have a Can-American alliance on climate change and global warming. And how can we, as responsible Canadians, even think of re-electing a Prime Minister that refuses to believe global warming exists, refuses to enforce treaty agreements to end climate change and caters to big oil?

What if destroying the Liberal Party is not Harper's real objective?

What if his real objective was to destroy the environment as an important election policy issue for a generation?

Doesn't this objective seem to suit Harper's main financial supporters and his history with Alberta's big oil?

One only has to look at the positions he has taken on the environment since moving into 24 Sussex. With Harper's announcement yesterday to put over $100,000,000.00 into new arctic oil exploration how can anyone have any doubts?

By beating Dion and the Green Shift, even with a minority win, Harper will destroy the environment as a major policy issue and he will then have the mandate his big oil backers so desperately want him to have.

This is not about Liberal vs. Conservative campaign strategy.

In fact, this is an issue for a generation.

This is the one chance we will have for 15-20 years to put in place meaningful policies to decrease GHGs and reduce global warming.

It is also Harper's one chance to bury the environment for his big oil buddies.

No rhetoric here . . .

This election is about HARPER vs. THE ENVIRONMENT

Tonight a future president stood on stage and addressed a new nation in America. A nation full of hope and full of promise.

Surely if that nation embraces Barack Obama and his forward thinking on the environment, then our country, Canada, can embrace Stephane Dion and his vision for a Fairer, Richer, Greener Canada.

Ladies and Gentleman, the greatest environmental coalition in the history of this planet is about to unfold. I give you the Environmental Election Ticket Obama/Dion 2008.

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Dante said...

You can't be serious.

You actually believe all of that horseshit?

OK...just keep the sharp object away from yourself when the republicans retake the white house.

The fact is that americans are more afraid of security than the environment-period. If Obama doesn't offer it, he won't win. Beyond that, there is no way they can wean themselves off oil that fast.