Thursday, August 28, 2008

Liberal Leadership and the Next Prime Minister of Canada

That's right!!! We're ready. Our leader is leading. To the ramparts! Stephane Dion, my friends, is a leader. Stephane Dion, my friends, will be the next Prime Minister of this great country, Canada.

Liberal party ready for election: Dion

Last Updated: Thursday, August 28, 2008

'We're ready. We're well-organized and we're determined to win this election,' Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said Thursday. (CBC)The Liberal party is ready for an election if Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls one in the coming weeks, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said Thursday.

"We're ready. We're well-organized and we're determined to win this election," Dion told reporters at a news conference in Montreal.

The prime minister has said he's considering whether an election needs to be called, a decision he expects to make in the next few weeks. He further hinted at an imminent election on Thursday while in Inuvik, N.W.T., saying, "all the signs indicate that this Parliament is at the end of its productiveness."

Senior Conservatives have suggested Harper could pull the plug on his government as early as Tuesday after the Labour Day weekend.

The Tories further fuelled election speculation on Thursday with the unveiling of a new series of television advertisements that will begin airing Friday.

The 30-second spots touch on a range of issues, including taxes, crime, the economy and the military. The ads play up Harper as a "family man" and attempt to depict him as a solid leader — in sharp contrast to a spate of Conservative commercials from earlier in the summer, which focused on attacking Dion and his proposal to tax carbon emissions.

Meetings 'a way of saving face': Dion
Harper has sought meetings with all three opposition leaders to see if they can agree on an agenda for the fall session of Parliament, scheduled to begin Sept. 15.

He will meet Saturday with NDP Leader Jack Layton, who told CBC News on Thursday that he'll hear what Harper has to say but expects little change to the prime minister's agenda.

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe has indicated he won't be available until Sept. 5, though sources told the Canadian Press on Thursday the two are meeting Friday, and Dion has indicated he won't be available until Sept. 9.

Harper said he is unwilling to wait until Sept. 9 to discuss whether Parliament can continue as is.

The meeting would occur a day after three federal byelections in Quebec and Ontario; a fourth byelection is slated to take place in Ontario on Sept. 22.

"These meetings are a way of saving face," Dion said Thursday. "And he's breaking his word to voters not to have an election."

Election call set in motion?
On Tuesday, the Prime Minister's Office announced that Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean would cancel her trip to the Paralympic Games in Beijing, which begin Sept. 6, a move further suggesting he will pull the plug on his current minority government.

Harper has said he wouldn't be breaking his promise to Canadians if he called an election this fall, a year ahead of the fixed date set by his own government.

Harper said the goal of the fixed election date — the next one being Oct. 19, 2009 — is to provide Canadians with some sense of certainty. But he said fixed election dates do not apply to minority governments.

"I think we were right not to have an election before Canadians can find out more about what this government is about," said Dion. "We can see with these cuts what this government is about."

The government recently announced a $45 million cut in funding for arts and culture programs, which Dion said he'd restore if elected.


Rick said...

"That's right!!! We're ready. Our leader is leading. To the ramparts!"

Except of course for the major campaign plank that you spent all summer trying to sell, remember that one? Uhm, Houston we have a problem - "Liberal MPs seek changes to Green Shift plan" -

If your party isn't on the same page at the beginning of the election, it may just be a long campaign.........

James Curran said...

Um. We HAVE a plank. It doesn't appear Jack and Steve do. Like I said, the next Prime Minister of Canada is Stephane Dion.

Johnathon said...
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James Curran said...


Don't bother coming back.

Rick said...

Yes you do have a plank, and the leader says it won't be changed, and the eastern MPs say it needs to be changed.

Maybe you don;t get it when the Globe prints it. Maybe you will when CTV prints it -

Your team is not on the same page to begin with, on your largest plank, on the biggest potential change to our economy in 20 years.

At best, the carbon tax needs to be explained, and Liberal candidates are going to waste more time trying to explain it than convince people it is good for them. This is not a good start.....

James Curran said...

Maybe you don't get it Rick. Canadians aren't as stupid as you and Harper make them out to be.

Rick said...

James, do you even read? Try reading the comments from YOUR MPs, Wayne Easter, Robert Thibeault have said. It is not cut and dried, it is not simple. And your team IS NOT ON THE SAME PAGE AS DION. These are the facts, and they are indisputable.

James Curran said...

How's Ken Epp doing? Him and Harper are on the same page these days I'm sure.

Rick said...

I will leave with this James, since you don't seem to get it - Ken Epp and Harper does not equal Easter, Thibault and Dion. Unborn Victims of Crime versus Carbon tax. I will take the Tories every time with those choices.

I only hope you smell the Liberal victory this time....

James Curran said...

Take your ball and go home Rick...just like Harper.

Prairie Kid said...

I was wondering when another Cherniak was going to surface.

Johnathon said...

James, get on your knees and blow me, you fucking faggot.

You look like Stephane Dion, you little fucking rat.

James Curran said...

You're a coward. Pure and simple coward. Chicken shit coward to be more precise.

Sinestra said...


I'm surprised - though not too much - that the reformazoids show their true colours (yellow?) by resorting to crudity in the face of what wukk obviously be a very painful campaign for them. Lind of like their leader, n'est-ce pas?


penlan said...


Thankyou so very much for continuing to show us what a true HARPER conservative is. And that is NOT the old PC party - it's the new, improved, sick mix of Reform/Alliance.

You are a wonderful representative of exactly what Canadians do not want.
Keep up the good work!

James Curran said...

And here ya go Rick. A conservative rebellion.

Skinny Dipper said...

I did get a chance to see and hear Ken Epp on 100 Huntley Street a couple of days ago. It's my favourite show--just kidding.

When I heard him and the host, they spoke about the fetus as a child. I didn't get the impression that this bill was about protecting pregnant women who might get punched in the stomach. It's about psycho-lingusitic change. A woman's fetus becomes an unborn victim child detached from the mother. Also, one can't cause the death of a woman's fetus because it is not born. However, one could cause the death of a "child" inside the "mother."

I wonder about the coincidence of Ken Epp appearing on 100 Huntley Street. If he were truly interested in protecting pregnant women, there must me Canadian talk shows that focus on women's health, particularly on the Women's Network.

Finally, I would hate to park my car in a designated pregnant women's spot at Walmart or the Home Depot only to find out that a poor "mother" had to park farther away from the entrance and lose here unborn "child" because of my actions. I could end up in jail.