Saturday, August 23, 2008

Layton Already Backing Down From an Election

What's the matter Jack? Down in the polls? Burned all your resources in the by-elections? I suspect so.

In the meantime, Dion is all about action, Jackson.


Joffré said...

How exactly do you expect a party to burn all its resources in by-elections where the combined spending limit is somewhere in the 400000$ range if they're going to be spending 18 million in the general?

James Curran said...

Are people considered resources?

wilson said...

Jack's just setting up the NDP as 'the party that wants to make parliament work',
and he will campaign on
'Canada will get another minority government,
so elect more NDPers to make this parliament work (unlike the scrapping between the Libs and Cons).

Stephen said...

An interesting attempt to torque Layton's comments, that's for sure.

Layton believes Harper should show some respect for parliament and the principle of parliamentary accountability--a principle scores of absentee Liberal MPs long ago abandoned--and show up on the 15th as promised.

This becomes, in the mind of supporters of Canada's Absent Opposition, 'backing down from an election.'


James Curran said...

I see the NDP talking points have been released. I'm not sure why Jack is anxious to get to 18 seats in the House, each his own.

How's that ATM platform coming btw?

Paul said...

Layton's hesitancy might also have to do with the NDP having little to run a campaign on. What exactly actually sets the NDP apart from the other parties these days? They used to be the best bet for left-of-centre, post-materialist issues. But with environment squarely in the Liberal corner, what do they have? Sure, Layton may harp on an array of issues (gas prices, institutional reform, milquetoast enviro plans), but other parties seem to be gaining more credibility here than the NDP. Transit in ON will only go so far.

I guess they'll always have Afghanistan...