Saturday, August 23, 2008

Conservative Election Scam Bigger Than We Thought

How else could you explain the sudden change of philosophy from the conservative government? It's simple really. The polls are getting worse for them by the day. So is the economy. Then there's this little battle with Elections Canada....

Ah yes. The lawsuit against the nation's electoral watchdog. The one they just learned they can't and won't win. Then the fallout that is going to come afterward. The fallout that sees the massive fines levied against the various segments of the Conservative Party of Canada, including official agents, candidates and the party itself.

Naturally Stephen Harper wants an election before the Canadian public becomes fully aware of his blatant attempt to claim $777,000 in taxpayer election rebates from an in and out scam that he claimed never happened.

Naturally Harper wants an election before opposition MPs get to grill him and the Harris boys over all of these issues starting September 15th. What choice does he have really? It's the difference between a Liberal minority or a Liberal majority.

Put your helmets on! It's election time! October 20 is the bet of the day!


wilson said...

''How else could you explain the sudden change of philosophy from the conservative government?''

-Liberal dominated Senate holding up bills.
-Committees turning into Kangaroo Courts with Liberals trying to score cheap shots.
-Repeated threats of bringing down the government, Dion back's down, parliament becomes a joke.
-Green Shift is not gonna' fly.
-Dion is a weak leader.
-Cons have a platform they want to take into an election.
-Even if it is only a minority government, Libs will be so obsessed with finding a new leader that Harper can govern as if he had a majority.

James Curran said...

I see the CONS have released their talking points.

Gayle said...

Wilson - interesting how some of your reasons are those that are in the "partisan politiucal interest" of Harper (you know, the thing he said fixing election dates was supposed to prevent).

As for this:

"Liberal dominated Senate holding up bills."

What bills would they be?

Acid Reflux ( said...

Wilson's another coward con with no profile. I think if you keep repeating all those points long enough they actually start to believe them.

Paul said...

And did Wilson really just blame the Liberals for the committee mess? Wow.