Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thank You to All of Paul Wells' Readers

for stoppping by yesterday. More proof I'm not the only one that is glad his stint in Paris is over.

While Paul explains that my position on Quebec Liberals will be countered by Conservatives gaining equal amounts of seats from the Bloc, I'd have to say that the Liberals will balance that off by winning seats back in Ontario. Burlington, Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, Trinity Spadina and Parkdale-High Park to name a few. There's always the posibility of Oshawa, Barrie and ADFW as well. Most of those gains in Ontario will be at the expense of the NDP and a dab of Conservative on the side.

And, one final word on this. The gross underestimation of Stephane Dion as a leader is something that his leadership rivals have learned is a mistake. This assertion that Dion won't play in Quebec will be shot to hell in a campaign.

So, yes. Two days ago I said I wouldn't be happy with the Liberal Party if we didn't take this sore excuse for a government down before summer. I'm still of the opinion I will get my spring election. That is if the NDP and Bloc don't change their mind about having one.


Alan said...

I don't think we will have an election this spring. Today's Toronto Star reported that during Wednesday's caucus meeting, Dion said he has plans over the summer for his MPs to spread out his policy message to the people, so that doesn't really sound like someone ready to go to the polls.

Unless of course, the governemnt falls on a non-confidence vote over Bill C-10, the banning of tax credits for offensive films bill, as reported in today's Globe and Mail. Then we'll have an election over whether something is art or porn....ughhh

I think the Grits can definitely take back Hamilton East and Parkdale. Not so sure about the other ridings mentioned though.

James Curran said...

We'll also regain Hamilton Mountain and St. Catharines.

Alan said...

Oh yeah, Walt Lastewka has a good shot of regaining that seat which he lost by like 200 votes last time. And Tyler Banham is amazing; I've never seen so much enthusiasm for one candidate before.