Thursday, May 1, 2008



All of my readers know what my position is in regard to whether or not I think we, the Liberals, should bring down this bloated, phony, corrupt, and ineffective Conservative Government.

If you have read any of my more recent blogs, you will also know that I do not think we should wait to bring them down.

And further, it should be apparent to any of my readers that I have become somewhat critical of MY leader for not shifting this party into campaign mode . . . STAT!!!

There has been a lot written on other bloggers’ sites and in the news that the Conservatives are outpacing the Liberals in gathering donations and that many Liberals, including MY LEADER have not yet retired their campaign debts.

That being said, I want to give MY leader NO EXCUSES for not bringing Stephen Harper and his opaque, secretive, irresponsible, and entirely disrespectful government down at the very next opportunity.

I am therefore proposing that all of my Liberal friends and all of those who read my blog and all of you who support the party go to this link and make whatever donation you can make to help retire Stephane Dion’s campaign debt and leave him with NO EXCUSES for continuing to prop up the Harper Government.

And when you are done making your donation, forward this link to all of your Liberal friends and colleagues.

Donate now and donate often. The only shame involved in this solicitation is my shame in having Stephen Harper remain Prime Minister of this great country any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Press here to help retire the debt.

My friends and I have already begun to donate. Your friends should too!!!

In the words of the immortal Bruce Springsteen: NO RETREAT BABY, NO SURRENDER


Socially Active said...

The Liberals need to bring down Harper's deceitful Conservatives.

Anyone who stands in way of bringing down Harper's deceitful Conservatives must be removed. The Loyal opposition has this responsibility to call an election. Time to directly contact your local MP and let them know how you feel. It is not mutiny to replace your commanding officer if he runs away and deserts his men.

Do your job or step aside so that someone else can. When you stand up, I will support you.

Socially Active said...

I think you are going to find a lot Conservatives are supporting the Liberals not calling an election. Because by the Liberals are supporting the Conservatives and as a result destroying their chances of gaining sufficient support. And it is unlikely that the NDP will form a government. The result is an minority government where the Conservatives may hold power.

James Curran said...

I'm a nobody, but I can't find an excuse for the Liberal caucus to keep this government alive either.

The Invisible Hand said...

So if you don't like what Stephane Dion is doing as leader, the obvious solution is to... give him money.

Yeah, that will make him change his ways!

James Curran said...

Cause that's the meaning of anything written here. Stick to being invisible.

Socially Active said...

I donated with a simple request:

Vote out the Conservatives or lose Support.

James Curran said...

Thank you for your support.....and ditto.

Christian Conservative said...

"So the question you gotta ask yourself is, 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya punk?"

"Go ahead... make my day"

"Dirty Harry"


Purple library guy said...

The problem is that the Liberals are facing a bit of a chicken-egg situation. They don't want to summon the guts to actually oppose the Cons until they have money for an election. And the disillusioned don't want to give them money until they demonstrate some guts.

I'm no Liberal, but I suggest a method of cutting this knot. With modern computer technology, it ought to be possible to set up a fund which will hold all the donations and record their source and size. This fund would be held by some trusted third party, and would be for donation to the Liberals upon some appropriate condition being met. Say, for instance, they get it when and if they bring down the current governmnent with a non-confidence vote. If the next election arrives without the condition being met, the donated money shall be returned to the original donors. That way, people can put their money where their mouth is *now* and create a sum that the Liberal party can depend on--*but* disillusioned people who doubt the Liberals will ever summon an ounce of courage can give knowing that if their disillusionment is correct, the Liberals will never see a red cent of undeserved money.