Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Man John Edwards

I've made no secret about my respect and support for John Edwards. In fact, I will keep my John Edwards link on this very blog. In communicating with some Edwards supporters today, I get the sense that his endorsement today has a great deal to do with ending the nomination process as soon as is humanly possible to get on with the business at hand...beating the Republicans.

Although Senator Edwards said on Larry King Live the other evening that he wasn't considering a shot at the Vice Presidency on any ticket, I certainly hope that Senator Obama can talk him into it. What a ticket that would be!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to email the Obama campaign and suggest to his braintrust they have that conversation with the good Senator.


Lizt. said...

My choice, too. I always liked John Edwards, altho' he mistakingly voted for the Iraq war. They do make a great pair, though, don't they.

James Curran said...

A handsome couple they are.

Liberal 4evr said...

edwards was never a big player, and with him and obama uniting against her in the debates, and now right after her win in west virginia, this will come to bite them both in the you know what.

James Curran said...

Never a big player? lol. He already ran for VP. He just posted 7% of the vote in West Virginia and he's been out of the race for months. Obama just won the nomination with his endorsement. Now the dominoes will fall.