Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got Blow?...I Love Blow

Now, I don't know about you, but the justification of marketing a brand name at the expense of some moral decay and the youth that we are influencing in so doing, might be summed up in one, VIAL product launch.

Blow Energy Drink is alive and launched in the US. Here is their home page. The company claims they are not marketing their product under the guise of Cocaine and that their target market is an older crowd.

See if you can spot some of the contradictions to those statements by viewing their online marketing.

I'll start you off. The product is shipped in powder form and contains a mirror and a fake credit card. The girls on their homepage are all of what, 15? The homepage has a white powdery substance in a vertical line that certainly resembles a smash. Then there's the whole entire product page that uses every possible catchphrase known to mankind in the world of cocaine users.

Anyhow, genius marketing?...or the decay of our society?...talk amongst yourselves.


Lizt. said...

Did you know that Coca-Cola first had cocaine in it, way back when it first started?
The first name came from that, ...Coca

Anonymous said...

yes, the pause that really refreshes . . . I remember discussing that with my mom and aunt when I was a little kid.

This blow campaign is really disgusting, and I usually don't think about such things. But I can't believe US parents aren't up in arms about this. But then I didn't get any hit at homosexuality, just skanky underage sex and drugs so they probably don't see it as a threat ; ). Get those gals to wear skimpy flags and plaster some blow yellow ribbons on their ass cheeks, and they'll be just fine.

Jennifer Smith said...

I wonder how long it will take before some yahoo decides to try snorting the stuff. That could be an interesting lawsuit.

sassy said...

Reminds me of candy cigarettes.