Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Julie Couillard's Place in the World

This post can be filed under the heading of: "In case anyone thinks that the rest of the world isn't watching Canadian politics under a microscope."

Yesterday was one of the higher traffic days on this ole blog of mine. A quick analysis showed that most of the incoming traffic was generated by google searches of "Julie Couillard".

Fine. I get that. What did surprise me however was that a little more in depth analysis showed that the majority of the incoming google searches came from countries other than Canada. Yes, the rest of the world is watching you Mr. Harper.

Here are the last 60 referrals to my blog along with the location of where the searches hail from:


Jeff has an in depth look at the headlines around the world.

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Jamie Callingham said...

I think Julie might get that acting career she is aspiring to get.