Monday, May 26, 2008

Conservatives Asked Julie Couillard to be a Candidate

Imagine that! Lost in tonight's interview, Julie Couillard states "the Conservative Party had actually approached me to ask me if I'd be interested in becoming a candidate" (Minute 4:50)

Really? I thought they didn't know much about her.


burlivespipe said...

Well, apparently what they did know was that some of her acquaintances' ethics were in line with their ethics, ie taking funds illegally, bribing people for favours, saying one thing and doing the opposite, kneecapping their opponents out of season, bullying eggheads and poindexters when ever they disagree with em, prefering to do its business in the darkness and away from prying (media) eyes...
Of course, had she not worn that dress, Harper would never have noticed her.

jaybird said...

I realize that this seems to be manna from heaven for the opposition. But I am a little leery about Ms. Couillard because some of what she says doesn't really make sense.

Her comments about the listening equipment that is now missing is one thing that sounds off. As the piece on Newsworld pointed out, credible independent security firms all said, you wouldn't put a bug in a bed. It would be the least effective location in a bedroom.

I don't know if Ms. Couillard was conned by a security "expert' feeding her a line to encourage her to buy his services or if she is simply giving a little pay-back to a former boyfriend for his lack of _______ (who knows what went down in the relationship).

That she was also trying to shop her story to the Toronto Star for 50Gs doesn't help her credibility either.

My misgivings about Ms. Couillard's version leaves me thinking that in the long run her credibility may not stand up to further scrutiny and we will have yet another example of the Cons claiming liberal bias, persecution, blah blah...

Bernier has screwed up enough on his own which clearly shows that HE is incompetent and should in turn make Canadian voters question the judgement of the man who appointed him in the first place.