Wednesday, April 23, 2008

While Flaherty Spends $122k on a Speech, Canada Goes into Deficit

Nice. Some of us wrote about this after the GST slash. Economic forecasters never had a doubt in their minds. But, now, we start to hear in detail how the deficit is about to hit us.

So what does Maverick Jim Flaherty, the king of deficit financing, have to say about it? At lunch in New York today he had this to say. Adda boy Jimmy. No need to be alarmed people. Don't look behind the curtain.

Somebody is going to lost their seat in the next election...and I think Jimmy boy is that somebody.


Lizt. said...

Read today, that Harper spent all the money and left nothing for the next government to plan any programs, this was deliberate. It said that tome Flanagan was delighted with Harper , how far he has come. The provinces were given lots of money. The feds will have no money for Daycare, Education , only the Armed forces in Afghanistan will get money. I am so damn mad,Flanagan in from the U.S., and the University of Alberta, a pupil of Strauss, and a great friend of Harper. This has been Harper's dream for years..get rid of Canada, as you know it.

biff said...

You seem to be under the impression that the average Canadian has the same definition of "conservative scandal" that desperate hyper-partisan Liberals have.

Here's a reality check.

Remember "Cadscam"?

Ground zero of the "scandal" the Liberals lost a twenty point spread to the CPC and came within a handful of votes of losing one of the safest seats out west (Quadra).


James Curran said...

Here's a reality check. Liberals won the seat.

And, not all Canadians are as dumb and ignorant as your comment Biff. Trust me. You'll see this REAL soon. REAL soon.