Thursday, April 24, 2008

Al Gore for President...Again!

Laugh as you may, it's not a bad option for the Dems. With the support of John Edwards, it's not impossible for Gore to win. The Boston Phoenix writes about here (I don't share his Clinton opinion and the fact that $440 million has been spent on this nomination puts Stark on the looney list in terms of realistic scenarios).

Gore would win. Easily.


McGuire said...

I don't think Gore would win, but I don't think the idea of him being the Dem nominee isn't as far fetched as it once was. Big doubts have now been raised about Obambi after PA, & many Dems have grown to hate Hillary as much as the GOP does, so it may happen, albeit still quite unlikely.

James Curran said...

In a landslide.

Good points. All true. All true.