Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nothing to See Here Folks...Move Along

The Liberals appear to be striking back at the NDP. They actually let the NDP have it tonight. How you ask? Why by voting against their motion on the budget implementation. Take that Dippers.

Refresh my memory though. Who is the base of our Liberal votes in the urban ridings? Oh yeah. Immigrants. Immigrant voters. You know, the ones with family members that aren't doctors and are waiting in some queue to gain entry into our country. You know, those immigrants.

So let's have a peek at what ridings this may affect. Four in Brampton and, um.....never mind. The list is too long.

Anywho. You know. Whatever. My forehead is now bleeding profusely from banging it on the wall.

Say, did you hear the one about the Italian, the Ukranian, the Pakistani, the Indian, the Sri Lankin, the Chinese, the Mexican, the Serbian, the Croatian, the Somali......never mind, that's too long of a waiting list to finish the joke.

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