Wednesday, April 23, 2008

McCain In the Catbird Seat

Talk about luck. John McCain's dream came true last night. An extended Democratic nightmare.

Earlier this year I made the case that the Dems would be going all the way to Colorado to decide their candidate, thereby handing an election over to John McCain in November. I also made a point that the two Dems left in the fight would have a tough time explaining their fight for the poor when they are about to blow $300 million on a nomination.

Well. I lied. How about the Dems are already over $400 million for a nomination. $400million!!!!

Joe-down-and-out in bumblefudge Indiana is going to have a tough time believing these people are going to get elected to help his plight and, while simultaneously bringing fiscal responsibility back to America. Man, if I were a Republican strategist I'd be getting the word out on a minutely basis that the Dems blow money faster then they do.

Barack Obama. Champion of the poor. Champion of the no-lobbyist-in-Washington fight. He's already spent almost $200 million dollars. Tell me, just how many foreclosures can you buy for $200 million? And how many people can get health care insurance with that amount of money? Hillary Clinton is no slouch either, buying in at $160 million.

To put this into perspective, the annual budget for the City of Niagara Falls just came out last week. The cost? A whopping $89 million. To run a whole city with 82,000citizens. The combined total raised to date by the two of them? $440 Million. Almost enough money there to run my city for 5 years.

Yes, my friends, change is in the air. Hope is in the air. A Republican victory is in the air.

So, back to John McCain. He wins. It's really that simple. He looks like the fiscally sound candidate of choice at a mere $80 million.

Thank God, in Canada, we have that big time donation cap of $1100 - which I reach by attending a convention of my own party. Maybe America will want to consider something like this in the future.

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