Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama and Clinton = No Winner

All the talk about the mojo being with Barack or swinging to Hillary. Mindless babble really. The fact is that this thing is going to the convention in Denver in August. Neither will have the 2025 to get over the hump before they get to Colorado.

Neither will cede to the other. Both are still going to spend money 'til they equal the equivalent of the GDP of most small nations. Their workers will be totally exhausted beyond exhaustion. Then, just when you think they've won, the winning candidate will have exactly 90 days to win a general election against a guy that will have been campaigning from March to November.

The Republicans will be forming policy, making policy, changing policy and raising money like there's no tomorrow....because for them, there is no tomorrow. Compare that to a candidate that will have to come up with a full-blown campaign stategy, a vice-presidential nominee and new-found ways to raise even more money. All that in a compact time frame. Sounds like the Dems will be broke for a couple years to come.

And, the question of the day is: How does one campaign for the working poor, the homeless, the needy losing their homes and a new economic outlook for the country when they just blew $150 million dollars each trying to win a nomination?

My goodness. John Edwards has to be just shaking his head right about now.


Lizt. said...

John Edwards is a good man and I hope he gives his delegates to Obama.

James Curran said...

Diva Rachel has other thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Republican policy is all but carved in stone at this point so don't think we have to worry about being blown out of the water by some innovative and inspiring movement on that end.

And I think this will be resolved long before the convention. Obama and Clinton are both headstrong, but neither is going to damage the party over this. Whoever has the most pledged delegates will take the nomination - the vast majority of "super" delegates will fall in line to that.

My personal opinion is come April, the delegate count won't even be close so the answer will be pretty clear.