Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let's Face it. The Conservatives Just Don't Like Minorities.

First they killed Kelowna. Then they want to discriminate against certain types of immigrants and pick and choose who they want in their country. Now they shelve their own Human Rights bill for First Nations people.

Canadians are becoming more and more aware of the brutal, hidden agenda of this stale, scandal-ridden government.

The polls ain't a myth....although I'm certain Chantal Hebert has something different to say about it...something like it's Dion's death knell....or it's because Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff are winning the hearts and minds of Canadians and Dion should be gone.

Newsflash! It's Conservatives alienating Canadians and the rest of the world that is boosting Liberal fortunes!! Stuff like stomping on same sex rights, native rights, eliminating childcare spaces. You know, that kind of stuff.


Johnathon said...

What happened to our discussion?xt

James Curran said...

See my post today for explanation.