Monday, March 31, 2008

Liberals Quebec Problems on the Mend

Just because you think you can hide behind the mantra of being "an anonymous senior Liberal, close to the Leader", doesn't make it so. This is 10 months overdue.

Hint: when you are doing interviews with the press in front of many other Liberals and that same press publishes a derogatory Dion article the next day from an unnamed senior Liberal, chances are you are not anonymous. Anyhow, I was right when I called David Herle on this last week. I believe this sends a clear message to some other anonymous tipsters that it will no longer be condoned.

Bob Fife and Craig Oliver are smart guys. They get lots of scuttlebutt on The Hill. This Ignatieff story didn't have the legs they thought it would (Not yet anyway). But, to Michael's credit, the best defense is sometimes a good offense. Yesterday's interview on QP with Oliver was a smart, smart bit of offense.

As for today? Sacrificing a knight to save a king is not necessarily a bad thing in a tenuous game of chess.

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