Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ignatieff on Fire and The NDP as Usual

Michael Ignatieff kicked off the show today on Question Period and was bang on. How do you dispel rumours? Take them head on and put them to bed. Michael did exactly that today. He confirms that there is work to do in Quebec, but that we are going to get it done, and we're gonna get it done together as a a team. Kudos to him. It's exactly what the rest of us on the team wanted and needed to hear.

Also on the show was Thomas Mulcair with Ralph Goodale and Peter Van Loan. That segment ended up in a pissing match between Goodale and Mulcair and Van Loan smiling like the Cheshire Cat. As usual the NDP had nothing to say about the Conservatives and strictly attacked the Liberal party. Somewhere, lost in all the yelling, was something to the effect of Mulcair proclaiming the NDP is poised to win three more seats.

As I wrote about last week, the people of Canada have realized this NDP party is becoming more and more irrelevant. They have to change the channel and actually develop another message. Much to the benefit of the Liberals and Greens, it appears they are not ready to do that.

Later in the show, L. Iain MacDonald was his usual anti-Dion self, proclaiming Mr. Dion dead on arrival once again. Throw in a little Jean Lapierre and voila the Liberals can't win more than 10 seats in Quebec. Really?

The one thing I was glad to hear was that Lapierre has, in fact, confirmed with many guests that were at the now much publicized Ignatieff fundraiser and that Mr. Iganaieff NEVER said the words: «M. Dion a été un très bon ministre, mais il n’a pas la stature d’un chef.». In fact, Lapierre goes on to state that he is told many in the room were uneasy with comments to that nature from the MC of the event. Again, it's more of what the members of the party were waiting to hear.

The only question left now, is are the rumours of the shadow cabinet shuffle true?

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