Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The West Coast for David Orchard

A couple of letters that floated in in support of David Orchard's right to a free nomination. It should be noted how very passionate these ladies are with their support of both our leader and David Orchard.

From Margo Elfert

Dear Mr. Dion,

Thank you for your Christmas greetings, and for your message to Avaaz signers. I am very concerned about the environment, and am embarrassed at the stand our present Government took at those talks.

First, let me admit, I am not a long term Liberal. I joined the party after listening to David Orchard speak highly of you, and then doing some research on my own. I have known Mr. Orchard for over 10 years now. We took our sons, then in their early teens, to hear him speak in Vancouver, and were all impressed with his earnestness and honesty, and his vision for a Canada that was “ours”.

When I had a chance to be your delegate in Montreal, I went feeling that, for the first time, I could have a say in someone who I trusted being, perhaps, my, and my sons', Prime Minister some day. I listened closely to what you had to say throughout that conference and you did not let me down.

I also had the privilege of sitting next to a 5th Generation Liberal through that day who was very active in the party. He had come as a Dion delegate from the outset as well. He spoke of his concerns with the top down way the party was devolving. He voted for you because he saw in you a spirit that could bring the grass roots back to the fore. I came back from that conference elated, feeling hope for the first time in a long while for my country and for the it's role in the world.

So it was with a heavy heart that I see what is happening in northern Saskatchewan riding of Desneth√©-Missinippi-Churchill River. I understand you are considering parachuting a delegate into that riding, when there are 2 candidates already vying for that position. I see the “top down” party policies coming to the fore. Mr. Orchard has a strong reputation in that riding, and should be given a fair shot at it.

I want to see the Liberals back in power, with you at the helm. But this can only happen if you stick to your leadership campaign promise to be a truly “independent man of the people”.

Wishing you and your family all the best for 2008,

Margo Elfert
Vancouver, B.C.

And From Karin Clark

December 30, 2007

Dear Mr. Dion:

1. I was proud to be your delegate from Vancouver Island North Riding at the Montreal Convention last year.

2. I am also proud of the tireless energy and faithfulness to your stated beliefs that you have exhibited in your many public appearances. I still think you are the best leader for Canada.

3. I was encouraged by David Orchard to become involved in the Liberal Party and Leadership Convention because of your integrity, experience and platform. I would never have considered spending my money or my time in politics (leaving many other personal commitments) at all if not for his personal encouragement. I helped to elect you. Because I waited for 7 hours in a locked room without food or water to become a delegate when I came on faith as an alternate delegate, I believe I was one of the 2 votes that kept you in the running.

4. The intimidating, wealthy, powerful “Suits” in the Liberal Party had given me a life-long aversion to the Liberals. It was only seeing, in person, the numbers of grass-roots, common folks in sweaters and jeans at the Leadership Convention plus the crushing blow of the Party defeat in the last election, that gave me the hope that the arrogance shown by the Party might have been replaced by humility and willingness to serve the people of Canada.

5. I know of no one who has greater amounts of humility and willingness to serve the people of Canada than David Orchard. Please act to allow the democratic process to take place in Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River and give Mr. Orchard the chance to represent this Riding.

6. I can’t begin to imagine the kind of pressures being brought to bear upon you– all the various special interests from outside and within your party. I would like to expand my “mustard seed”-size grain of faith in the political process. Unfortunately, that will not withstand what I can only call the betrayal of David Orchard, a loyal supporter and asset to the Liberals. I cannot continue to work as secretary in my Riding, provide financial support to the Party, nor encourage the four voters in my family if I am so deeply disappointed by political expediency.

With respect and concern,

Karin Clark
Union Bay, B.C.
Vancouver Island North

P.S. I am writing to you with both broken wrists in a cast, and my broken ankle swelling in its cast because I believe this issue is so important. I thank you and your family for your personally signed Christmas card. I guess your hands feel broken after all that, as well. :)

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