Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Orchard Movement Continues

Two more letters. I continue to get emails and calls of support for David Orchard. I hope the nomination in Saskatchewan gets called soon. Not that there's any hurry. The by-election isn't until March.

Here's a letter from Pat Barclay.

December 29, 2007

Dear Mr. Goodale,

Since I have been writing letters in my head to you for at least a week now, it's about time I committed one to e-mail! Thank you very much indeed for your time and attention to this post, and I will do my best to make my comments brief and to the point.

Re the Liberal seat in north Saskatchewan formerly held by Gerald Merasty: This seat recently made headlines when it was reported that Mr. Dion is considering appointing a woman candidate, Joan Beatty, over the heads of two Liberal men campaigning to contest it in the next federal election. The story made national news because one of the men seeking the candidacy is David Orchard.

Further, the same news story reported that Mr. Dion is considering interfering in the normal grassroots process of selection because of pressure from you yourself, who have some objection to David Orchard. Because I have heard no more news on the subject, I am hoping an honourable solution is being worked out that will allow Mr. Orchard to continue seeking the nomination. However, should this not be the case, I would like to make the following points:

1) Mr. Orchard cannot be objected to as a comparatively "Johnny-come-lately" Liberal, when Mrs. Beatty is an NDP!

2) James Curran's blog is currently making a very strong case for Mr. Orchard as the candidate of choice in the riding. (Details can be forwarded on request.)

3) If/when elected, Mr. Orchard would be a staunch and effective defender of the Canadian Wheat Board against attacks by the Conservative gov't. and aggrandizement by US corporations.

4) As with Stephane Dion, David Orchard's hallmark is his personal integrity. (This, by the way, is the principal reason for his continuing success with his supporters. To get the picture, think of Diogenes setting out with his lantern to find an honest man :) .)

If Mr. Dion declines to appoint Ms. Beatty and instead supports Mr. Orchard's right to contest the nomination, the public will be sent a clear message that the LPC is once again worthy of its trust. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this!

5) The "dirty trick" played on you by the RCMP--apparently in collusion with the Conservatives--during the last election, Mr. Goodale, was a shocking display of inappropriate behaviour that must be difficult to forget. So it is not much of a stretch to imagine you finding common cause with Orchard in the pressing need to return the Liberals to power! To that end, allowing--and possibly even helping---him to retain Mr. Merasty's seat would be an excellent beginning, and a fine outcome for the province of Saskatchewan.

With best wishes and high hopes for the next federal election,

(Ms.) Pat Barclay
Saanich-Gulf Islands


Margo Lamont said...

Beautiful letter, Pat BArclay.
So well expressed, articulate, classy.

lance said...

"Dirty trick by the RCMP"

Yeah, it was only a few million made off of insider trading. No reason to drag anyone's name through the mud. We wouldn't want to embarrass any Liberal friends or members now, would we. Don't the RCMP know that law takes a second seat to the Liberals? Sheesh. (/sarc)