Sunday, November 4, 2007

Justice Minister Supports Death Penalty

I wrote about this almost a year ago. At that time Rob Nicholson was just becoming the Justice Minister. The Niagara Falls Review asked Mr. Nicholson then and there "would this Conservative government be trying to bring back the death penalty?" In 1987, the Justice Minister, then with the Mulroney Government, voted FOR the death penalty.

This week the true Alliance/Reform/Conservative reared its ugly head when they decided not to appeal for a Canadian citizen on death row in Montana. Strangely, the Justice Minister wasn't allowed to talk to the media.

Anyone see the writing on the wall here?

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RuralSandi said...

Nicholson also went very red in the face when it was brought up in the HofC, QP, very, very red.

Harper says that he has no plans for a debate on the death penalty -he's not saying anything really is he?

If Harper got a majority - a debate wouldn't be necessary would it?

I wonder what Harper's views were on the death penalty years ago - I couldn't find anything on it.