Monday, November 5, 2007

Jack Layton...Mr. Irrelevant

Yes Jack. We'll all just hurry for a referendum on the Senate. While we're at it we'll just throw away the entire Constitution.


Mike said...

With all due respect James, getting rid of the Senate has been NDP policy for over 20 years. Hell, every leader has called for it just about every year since.

Why the sudden surprise? The Faux outrage is really silly.

James Curran said...

That's my point about JACK. His faux outrage is ridiculous.

gimbol said...

Well it would make it very hard for any level of government to argue against a change the population supported with their vote rather than some constitutional travelling roadshow rigged to give the government the answers it wants.
So what side do liberals support, reform it, abolish it, or maintain the status quo?