Saturday, October 6, 2007

Maxime Bernier the Latest Conswervative Fraudster

I expected - for some reason unbeknownst to me - Maxime Bernier to perform with a little more integrity than what he is exhibiting. Of course I am referring to his and Bev Oda's visit to Kabul.

Let me just express my concern for the irony and bullshit of their visit. Just prior to their landing in Kabul a bomb goes off killing one US soldier and a dozen Afghanis. The bomb set off by Taliban insurgents. In the south, in the Province of Kandahar, Canadian soldiers race out to chase Taliban insurgents away form the area.

Meanwhile, back in Kabul, Karazi unveils his "new plan" to begin negotiating with the same Taliban we are being killed by and are there to eradicate. Maxime's response? "it's up to the Afghan government if they want to do that".

Um. No Maxime. It's YOUR job to say that the only reason Canada was there was to rid your country of this group that suppresses women and children's rights and causes an unacceptable, undemocratic society.

So to recap. Our soldiers are there in Afghanistan to fight the same people that the Afghanistan government wants to bring back into the fold. No wonder Korea left!


Jay said...


Korea left because they could no longer proselytize the muslims and actually negotiated with terrorists to save missionaries.

James Curran said...

Isn't that my whole entire point there Jay?

Karzai and our other allies are Negotiating with terrorists while ours guys get killed by them. Contradiction in terms, no?

janfromthebruce said...

All groups are not monolithic James, as you rightly know. Thus this president (puppet) and his government of known human right violators, known criminals, and poppy growers, see that the only end to the war is to reach out to the more moderate element of the Taliban.
I see all that talk of little girls already went to the wayside anyway, with their public endorsement of Sharia Islamic law as the law of the land.
As we get further off base here, what part of oil just doesn't ring your bell. Stable government for oil pipelines is what the West wants, the rest was just window dressing.
And no, your post was not the same as James Laxor. He was suggesting that Western interests keep changing the selling points, to obscure the real reasons we are there.
We need to get out now, not move out of one region to another, and figure out exactly what we are doing there.
The libs got us into this mess, and their suggested exit is no exit, and just more of the same double-speak. Something they are good at, but eventually the public wises up to.

James Curran said...

Um. I'm a Liberal. I'd like our troops out now. I thought I made that quite clear. As you well know, our mission had quite a different face when the Liberals, along with all our allies, sent our troops there.

We were under the impression that countries like Korea, Netherlands, etc. were as committed as we were. Wrong. We know that now.

If you recall the Conswervatives didn't allow debate on the extention of the mission and threatened an election. Well, my friend, they are about to make that very same mistake in 8 days.

I think Laxer is saying exactly the same thing I am. Almost verbatim. We are there to fight against a Taliban that kills our soldiers, while Karzai negotiates putting them back into government.

The conswervatives would have Canadians believing all is well over there. Kids are going to school, everyone's eating, woment can speak up, etc.etc. In the meantime Senlis and others tell us abut trying tales of starvation.

Yes, we should be out of there and out of there now.