Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Holy Geez. That Was Scary News!

No need for me to harp on this. This man was the greatest Prime Minister in the history of our country.

From one JC to another....Get well soon!!!


WarBicycle said...

Why didn't he have to go on a six months waiting list like the rest of us?

James Curran said...

Congratulations! You win moronic question of the day!

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, that walks into an emergency room with severe chest pains is not waiting one f*cking minute to see a doctor. ANYONE!

How do I know. In 2004, I walked into Mt. Sinai in TeeOh. I was in a room in less then 5 minutes hooked up to a machine.

Today 15 people were admitted into that same facility with severe chest pains. Two were immediately operated on.

You're a real humanist.

WarBicycle said...

My next door neighbor was on the waiting list for months, he could barely walk across the street. A co-worker waited more than six months, he had two heart attacks during that period. They nearly lost him on the second one and that is when they did surgery. I know several other individuals who were in rough shape that waited months to have bypass surgery.

James Curran said...

THat is absolutely unacceptable. Their doctors should have their heads read. Heart surgery is generally not known as elective surgery.

I would have never sat around waiting for a miracle down here. I almost made that mistake by driving back down here slouched over. Then I realized I was surrounded by world class hospitals. Needless to say, the decision became a no brainer.

Chretien had the fortune of being near one of the best cardiac hospitals in North America. We are not that blessed here in Niagara...yet.

Cheers War Bike,

Good to hear back from you after so long a period.


Sinestra said...

From one JC to another to another....

Get Well Soon, ti-gars!

The grassroots LPC(Q) misses you.

WarBicycle said...

We belong to the same real estate board and you probably know one of the individuals.

The Mound of Sound said...

Greatest prime minister? I think that putting JC in that spot is a stretch. Good yes, best no. As for suggestions that he got special treatment, emerg staff always give chest pain cases top priority. I know, I've been there a couple of times. There can be delays for procedures. I had to wait a few months for an angioplasty. Finally my doctor told me to go to emerg next time I had chest pains. In I went and got treated quite quickly. Waiting lists need not be a killer.

Dissidence said...

Exactly what are Chretien's accomplishments that make him "the greatest Prime Minister in the history of our country?"

Nothing is coming to my mind at this point?

James Curran said...

More proof that you are nothing more than a snide, disrespectful moron with not much good to say about anyone...unless the person belongs to the NDP or a union.

As opposed to which NDP Prime Minister? Or, what other PM at all for that matter?

3 straight majority governments. 9 straight balanced budgets.

Shoo fly! Don't bother me! Stick to your little hole out there in blogland that you occupy. And take Larry with you.