Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Clarification for Stephen Taylor

Yesterday I received a friendly e-mail from blogging star Stephen Taylor. As you may have read in my blog yesterday, I intimated that Stephen may, in fact, have been paid to blog by the Conservatives. (Not that I actually used the name of "Stephen Taylor" in my blog. Because I didn't. There could be other Conservative Taylors that blog.) Anywho, Stephen insists that he has never been paid to blog by the Conservatives. I guess I have no choice but to believe him. I have no REAL or fake evidence to the contrary.

My questions now become: 1. If one is paid monies by the Conservative Government, and one blogs partisan Conservative material, is that similar to being a paid blogger? 2. If one received funds from the Conservative Government and one would begin to blog, say, anti-Conservative sentiments, would one ever see a single red penny from said Conservative government in the future?

Not that I'm intimating that the self-professed "Conservative Pundit" has ever received a single penny from the Conservative Government. Because, that is not, in fact, what I am implying.

David Akin wrote something about this recently. He never implied much in his article either.

Anyway, I'm sorry if I implied anything of detriment to Mr. Taylor(s).

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