Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Harper Set for November Election

Stevo, Stevo. Duffy thinks this is because Harpo doesn't want to "interfere with the Ontario election." Where else can you get a nice job for $200+K a year and decide to take 4 months off?

Well, a buddy of mine thought that there is the "potential" for a fall election. He might just be correct after all.

Well Mr. Harper, you've just proved to Canadians that you have absolutely no desire to make Government work. It's Government by the polls. Government with no agenda. Government with no "pressing" matters to deal with.

I guess the Kyoto implementation bill is out of the question.It's past its expiry date anyway.

The debate over Afghanistan can wait. No hurry. Hell. We're there until '09 anyway.

I'm certain Justice Minister Nicholson's crime bills that he claims are stalled aren't as important as he made them out to be all summer long.

The Conservatives have told us all year long that they just want to govern. Apparently their version of governing is quite different from what the Canadian people are used to seeing and are demanding. This "new government" is growing quite stale.

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Lizt. said...

Harper does what Harper wants for Harper. He also wants John Tory elected.and will do anyhing to help him....god help us in Ontario. backwards again... and a puppet of Harper, to finish what Harris did not finish.