Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gilles Duceppe...A Man Defeated

Gilles Duceppe has spent the last 19 months propping up a tired, stale Conservative government...and now he's paying for it. Harper bribed the Bloc just enough to get their support on just about every issue put to Parliament. Duceppe bit on that lure hard and often.

So what does the Bloc get in return? He's about to lose one of his strongholds, he's down 8% over the last election in another and he's disappeared off the face of the planet in Outremeont. Not only did he have to retract his intentions to run for leader of the PQ, but he just may have to think about his future with the Bloc. Certainly losing his hold in primarily popular Bloc ridings has to be a sign of the end of days for Mssr. Duceppe.

So, well Liza Frulla (not my kind of Liberal), Chantal Hebert and others are calling for the end of Stephane Dion, the Bloc quietly fades away into the abyss. Bye bye separatist movement.

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