Friday, September 14, 2007

Chantal Hebert Loses More Credibility

You know, I used to enjoy watching Chantal on Thursday nights on CBC and read her columns fairly regularly. These days she's resembling some form of bitter old hack. Her obvious despise for Stephane Dion and the likes of Stephane Dion is becoming stale and tiresome.

Her column in today's Toronto Star is the epitome of outright disdain and borderline hatred of the leader of the Liberal Party. After all, she is the one hack that said time and time again Dion would not win the leadership of the Liberal Party. Why isn't this a test for any of the other leaders? Why is it just Dion she insists on being tested? Why does she make sound as though we're being ousted from all 3 ridings when two are held by the Bloc?

My suggestion to Ms. Hebert? GET OVER IT!!!


CuriosityCat said...

Sometimes it is easier to dismiss critics than to seriously consider their views.

Herbert raises some valid points about the efficiency of the campaign; it would be better if we could rebut her claims with facts concerning the election campaigns in the three ridings. Are the Liberals struggling as much as she says? If so, why? And what must the party do to overcome it?

Scott Tribe said...

The comment about campaign literature not even being delivered to households yet is rather disconcerting. She's not the only one saying it either.

rabbit said...

Hebert's point is that Dion's leadership of the Liberal party is not as stable as Harper's leadership of the CPC or Layton's leadership of the NDP. A debatable point, but I think I agree.

That's the main reason that she is saying Dion is being tested more than the other leaders.

As a second point, the Conservatives and NDP do not consider Quebec to be a traditional stronghold, while the Liberals do. Thus underperformance in Quebec is a more serious matter for the Liberals.

As an example, if the Canadian soccer team loses to France, no one calls for the coach's head. But if the Canadian hockey team loses to France, the coach better update his resume.

I didn't find Hebert's column unreasonable. It's not her job to be a unswerving chearleader for the Liberals.

Steve V said...

Second what Scott said, not having campaign literature is INEXCUSABLE, as was the previous slow pace with campaign signs. If you use effort and resolve as guide, the NDP is running circles around the Liberals, which is really a joke when you think about it.

CuriosityCat said...

If the latest poll results for the three ridings are borne out by the results of the election, then we will have witnessed an implosion of the Liberal Party in Quebec.

In terms of a wake-up call, that would be the equivalent of volcanic eruption.

.... assuming Liberals are listening, or interested, of course!

janfromthebruce said...

"the NDP is running circles around the Liberals, which is really a joke when you think about it."

The NDP has always been at the ground war - we get the troops out instead of depending on the "money machine."

Shooting the messanger James?

James Curran said...

Well I guess Chantal likes Dion then? Which is my point.

Jaker said...

There does seem to be a "bitter old hack" that is losing all credibility, but it doesn't appear to be Madame Hebert.

But I guess we will know Monday, now won't we?

Steve V said...


Yes, the NDP has a traditional organization in Outremont, especially compared to the Liberals. What was I thinking? Blind-partisanship per usual :)

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Also, I mean sure, two of the ridings are held by the Bloc now. So what? All that means is the Liberals are about to lose a riding, the Bloc are about to lose a riding, and the NDP and Conservatives are both about to win ridings. If the polls are to be believed, the Liberals end up second in one, third in another, and FOURTH in the third. (Worst case scenario)

Losing the one riding isn't the biggest problem by a long shot. Finishing third in Roberval-La-Saint-Jean and FOURTH in Saint-Hycinthe-Bagot is the disaster. Bloc 49%, Cons 32%, NDP 7%, Liberals 5% is the disaster. (as is Cons 43%, Bloc 37%, Liberals 12%). Now, we'll have to see if the actual elections go down that way, but if they do the NDP will be ecstatic, the Tories will be very happy, and the Bloc will be mildly dissappointed. I don't know how the Liberals will feel but "NDP ecstatic" and "Tories very happy" should be a clue.

Red Tory said...

For what it's worth, Curiosity Cat is forecasting a Fred Thompson win in '08. :D