Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dear Mike Duffy

Who cares who told you to pay back the money. Nobody.

 The fact is YOU duped Canadians out of 90 grand. A reasonable person would understand what the words "principal residence" mean. But NOOOOOOO!! You just couldn't be happy with just your base salary. You needed more. Like a pig to a trough.

And, while you're having this moment of honesty and integrity, why don't you tell the Canadian public what you offered Harper and his cronies in return for your Senate seat in the middle of an election. Remember that election Mikey? The one where you kept depicting a reputable, scholarly man named Stephane Dion as some bum off the street not fit to run a one man rush to an outhouse?

Tell us Mike, what deal was made for your seat in the Senate?

 Sincerely, Jim


WILLY said...


Anne Uppal said...

What about the 65 thousand dollars Duffy billed the Senate and even the individual who was supposed to receive the money never did! Why is nobody raising questions about that outright theft of taxpayers money?